Hey there, we’re Integry. We’re a distributed startup headquartered in San Francisco, California with teams working from anywhere they want. We’re helping apps talk to each other so they can help get work done for you.

We’re looking for a Senior Software Design Engineer who is ideally full-stack with their toolset. You’ll be working on the core service build on Django, Python and with the front end on React. You are a stickler for the details and care deeply about your craft and execution.


Fulltime position anywhere in or around Pakistan

You will help build the world’s most advanced integration platform yet alongside a small team who are the best in what they do. The work is challenging; the scope is broad, there’s a ton of autonomy. Founded by engineers who care about design and experiences, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and level-up your game.

Your day to day would include working through product implementation and decisions with the founders, making technology decisions, building technology at scale.


  • Play a key role in designing and rolling out Integry’s next generation of tools for our customer base.
  • Make critical decisions on technology, architecture, and implementation.
  • Be comfortable in communicating with customers and partners to understand their changing technology needs
  • Be a fantastic programmer. We prefer Python, PHP, JS.
  • Write scalable and robust web services
  • Bring a total systems perspective to the job: including a technical understanding of products, partnership, dependencies, and capabilities.
  • Coordinate with partners on their integration needs and requirements
  • Design document and process


  • Experience of any modern JS-based framework like React, Angular, Vue. We work in React.
  • Experience in any of server-side framework like Django, Laravel. We work in Django.
  • Experience of working with cloud-based services like GCP, AWS or Azure. We work on GCP.
  • Experience in using and creating APIs as well as the current tech for API such as Rest, JSON, OAuth, Https.
  • Ability to plan and estimate time and effort for rolling out features
  • Understanding security and compliance as part of the design process
  • Understanding of embedding Quality Assurance at every part of the creation and rollout process
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Ability to think about edge cases and test your work.


  • Bachelor's degree in CS or related fields
  • At least five years experience working with APIs


  • Integry is a distributed team. You can work from wherever you want.
  • We don’t have timings; we have regular check-ins. You work at whatever time suits you.
  • As an early employee, you’ll get stock options in the company
  • Work on a product startup fueling worldwide customers
  • Work with the smartest product and engineering teams
  • Build something at scale
  • The Integration space is broken, boring and repetitive. We’re here to fix that with 10x better tools.


  • are curious who likes to learn new things and is down to dive into complex technical topics and learn about them
  • are self-motivated and comfortable working with yourself and in a team. You know how to get in front of things and are proactive, not reactive.
  • don’t mind wearing many hats from software construction to helping build presentations. We all do it.