Hey there, we’re Integry. We’re a distributed startup headquartered in San Francisco, California with teams distributed globally. We build technology that makes your favorite apps work for you automatically. Our technology helps the smallest startup to the largest enterprise add automation to their apps, getting rid of boring, repetitive work.


We’re looking for integration engineers at Integry. You will develop and implement solutions which coordinate applications, along with evaluating existing components or systems to determine integration requirements and ensure that the final solutions meet needs. You are a stickler for details, care deeply about your craft, and are completely hands-on. You are an excellent problem solver and have ability to make right engineering decisions. One will have to work with several apis, integrations and troubleshooting.

Integration engineering role is slightly different than the typical software development role which makes it more interesting to work with. You spend a lot of time to analyse and implement apis using Integry's no-code platform features as well as use some SDKs. You have to be very good at problem solving so that you can design the workflows by not leaving any of the algorithmic details.


  • Tech-savvy: Have worked with several apis, their integrations and troubleshooting. Have great idea of api authentications. Have a good knowledge of web and http protocols
  • Programming: Good programming and problem solving skills
  • Analysis: Understand needs, coordinate with teams to elaborate requirements. Excellent problem solver and have ability to make right engineering decisions
  • Ownership: Take ownership of high severity requests or issue escalations as needed
  • Communication: Solid oral and written communication with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Writing: Great writing skills for creating customer-facing help material or quick guides
  • Proactive: Self-motivated and comfortable working in remote teams
  • Organised: Highly organised and have the ability to multi-task with little supervision. Can plan work promptly and execute with excellence.
  • Smart: Strong analytical skills and passion for service.


  • Education: Bachelor's degree preferably in CS or related fields
  • Experience: Fresh grads can apply. Any prior working experience in web and /or with real clients will be preferred.
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of Javascript and its features including ES6
  • Knowledge of NodeJS and NPM packages would be a plus
  • Knowledge of client-side single-page applications using modern frameworks like React
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Familiarity with test-driven development, deployment pipelines and CI workflows would be plus


  • Top 1% You, Top 1% Salary: We hire the very best top 1% and we pay the top 1% of the market.
  • Work from anywhere: We are a fully distributed company with team members working across three different continents.
  • Work at any time: We’re also distributed in time. We don’t have timings; we have regular check-ins. You work at whatever time suits you.
  • Unlimited Vacations: Anyone can take a few hours, days, weeks off without approval. We don’t track how many days you’re off.
  • Home Office Renovation Budget: We want you to be comfortable working from home. We’ll assign an Interior Designer to you who will work with you to renovate your home office.
  • Home Utilities Support: We’ll cover internet, backup internet while you work from home
  • Work from any Coworking Space: Maybe you don’t want to work from home or you can’t. In that case, pick any coworking space near you and we’ll pay for it.
  • Medical coverage for you, your family, your parents, or anyone you care about: So long as you have a valid receipt or invoice. Your coverage includes dental and vision as well.
  • Up to Six Month Paid Maternity Leave: We also provide leaves in case of miscarriage
  • Education fund: We’ll pay for any books, courses or material you need to purchase
  • Awesome Gear: Upgrade your own laptop or get a custom, top-of-the-line laptop from us
  • Stock Options: You’ll get stock options in Integry Inc. USA


  • are curious who likes to learn new things and is down to dive into complex technical topics and learn about them
  • are self-motivated and comfortable working with yourself and in a team. You know how to get in front of things and are proactive, not reactive.
  • don’t mind wearing many hats from software construction to helping build presentations.